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We brought to you memories of the beginning of a future as the IMARA WOMEN’S CENTRE prepares to join women all over the world in taking stock of the progress made toward Gender Equality and reflecting on the future.

It’s a Women’s month that’s why the IMARA WOMEN’S CENTRE is celebrating success and looking ahead.

‘Imara’ is a Swahili word that means bold, strong, and firm. The center which was officially unveiled in January 2022, is now breaking ground at the site in Kasangati Town Council.

The center will facilitate the women’s own independent voice, build and strengthen women leaders to champion gender equality, and serve as a base from which to engage decision-makers on reforms to secure women’s right to full economic participation. The center will also serve as a launchpad for feminist campaigns.

Imara is Forum for Women in Democracy’s contribution to the future of women.